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СЖО PrimoChill Antti-kinks Smartcolis 14.2 mm (approx. 5/8) UV blue

СЖО PrimoChill Antti-kinks Smartcolis 14.2 mm (approx. 5/8) UV blue

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PrimoChill is once again helping performance enthusiasts, case modders, and those in search of silence, find the true path to water cooling zen with PrimoChill Anti-Kink coils. Think of them as Yoga for your PC"s water cooling system--improving the flexibility of your tubing in those tighter radius location to prevent kinking that can stop or decrease coolant flow. PrimoChill Anti-Kink Coils will have your machine looking and performing great,and you calm and relaxed!


Made of strong and durable PVC and packaged in pre-cut 40" lengths--typically enough for a single CPU system
Pre-cut 40" length. One length is typically sufficient for a single CPU cooling circuit depending on how tight the coils are wrapped around the tubing.
Note: Two lengths may be necessary for a complete circuit including dual CPU, CPU+VGA, or CPU+VGA+Chipset setups.
1/2" will fit 1/2in. O.D. Tubing, 3/4" will fit 3/4in O.D. tubing, and 5/8" will fit 5/8 OD Tubing.
Inexpensive mod for a fresh new look!

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PrimoChill Anti-Kink Coils for 5/8in.OD Tubing- Silver

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