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Водоблок СЖО процессора Alphacool HF 14 Yellowstone - S / S / S Sockel 775/1366/1156

Водоблок СЖО процессора Alphacool HF 14 Yellowstone - S / S / S Sockel 775/1366/1156

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Description HF 14 Yellowstone Intel Sockets 775, 1366 and 1156

This cooler does not only offer good performance in cooling efficiency and flow on most diverse CPU types; it also has a distinctive feature, which makes it unique among the crowd of Water-cooling:
This cooler has particularly been optimized for Intel ® Nehalem ® processors.
In order to meet the enormous expectations referring to the cooling performance, the water flow focus on important scopes within the CPU, in order to offer extra achievements amid this CPU models. This cooler is generally suitable for all other CPU models and reaches here too a high performance Level*.
The cooler relies on the successful and patented principle from the combination of more tightly focused water supply and return flow. The internal structure however has been completely new designed.

Characteristics overview:
High -cooling Performance for all Standard Intel ®CPU and AMD ® Models *
Extra plus performance for Intel Nehalem CPUs: particularly geometry adapted cooling fluid flow in the CPU.
High- flow up to 4,9 Liters per Minute

Direct vertical water supply into the centered incorporated pre-chamber, from there the liquid is led and aimed at the cooler base, without losses by detour of water.

Full metal version:
- Top/nozzle combination made of full metal, brass, media blasted and with clear lacquer protected from starting and castings permanently.
- Integrated aluminum mounting plate, anodized (no contact to hydrophilic areas)
- Electrolyte copper base plate with pin structure (pin surface covers completely CPU core) with high plan bottom plate surface, pin structure media blasted. The pin structure of our CPU cooler bottom plate has been optimized and further developed on the most recent cooler geometry.

Practical and safe mounting plate: The mounting plate screws are secured against coincidental dismantling by a high lock nut plus lock washer. As a result of the high design of the screw nut this can be tightened comfortably and firmly by simply using the fingers. During the assembly of the screw nut, the screws are fixed with the enclosed hexagonal pin spanner; consequently preventing dangerous assemblies with screwdriver and pliers, which can damage the Main board when slipping.
Вес брутто(измерено в Coolera): 360 Грамм.
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Производитель: Alphacool


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