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СЖО Generic Universal flush tube

СЖО Generic Universal flush tube

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Universal flush tube to keep the window in your slot-in reservoir clear. This greatly improves the optical appearance of your reservoir!

But what exactly is this flush tube?
This flush tube is especially interesting in combination with reservoirs with windows, such as slot-in reservoirs or reservoirs which are specially made for use in the top of a case. These reservoirs have the problem of fogging up of the window due to the heat in the coolant. With this flush tube this problem is solved by constantly allowing coolant to flow over the window to keep it clean.

This also results in an especially interesting effect:
If the reservoir is lit by LEDs, the common effect of ""light from the inside"" is rather dull in most cases. With this flush tube the coolant is kept in more movement, and in combination with the water flow from the flush tube the lighting effects truly come to life, allowing unique and spectacular effects.

Technical specifications:
Material: Nickel plated brass
Connection thread size: 1/4"
Length tube: 41mm
Length outer thread: 19mm
Key width: 19mm
Универсальная флеш трубка для aquatube / Cape Bullseye / Repack G1 / 4
Вес брутто(измерено в Coolera): 33 Грамм.
Поделиться: lorem

Производитель: Generic


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