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СЖО Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex Pro 50 copper edition (2. Wahl) 45230

СЖО Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex Pro 50 copper edition (2. Wahl) 45230

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The Alphacool Cape Coolplex reservoirs have been well-known and popular on the water cooling market for years!

But even such great products can sometimes use an update to fulfill even the most recent demands. Hence we at Alphacool have let the old series run out and now introduce the new series with POM end pieces as “LT” and now even with solid metal end pieces as the “Copper Edition”. Of course the tubes are made from high-grade Plexiglas which has proven itself with safe operation in many cooling systems for many years!

The changes made are subtle but very well thought through:
Besides the new materials and surface finishes the top piece of the reservoirs is now equipped with an additional thread, making them great for installation of a Fillport. Additionally the reservoir can now also be installed horizontally! The riser tube is now removable for applications where the top of the reservoir is used as an inlet.
A nice side effect: Now even more lighting modules can be installed for beautiful lighting effects.
To round off the new concept the screw plugs on all versions now have an elegant polished copper surface finish!

For maximum compatibility all threads are G1/4” in size. The proven transparent mounts are now also included again for almost invisible mounting. Make your PC a piece of art with the new Cape Coolplex reservoirs!

These reservoirs are fully functional! Only a small optical defect, sometimes some stained copper on the top or bottom piece, makes us declare this batch as B-stock!

Technical specifications:
Material: POM, Plexi, copper plated brass
Height: 500mm
Diameter: 50mm
Connection threads: G1/4"
Weight: 960g
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Производитель: Alphacool


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