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СВО Aqua flow rate sensor high flow USB G1/4 71215

СВО Aqua flow rate sensor high flow USB G1/4 71215

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This flow rate sensor from Aqua Computer is perfect for high-flow applications thanks to its low flow resistance. Encased in Delrin and stainless steel, this sensor does not only offer excellent performance, but also asthetic appearance. Symetrical design with two identical nozzles allows the sensor to be integrated into a cooling loop without needing to consider flow direction. G1/4" connection threads ensure maximum compatibility and allow use with many tubing sizes.
Mounting is easy with the four M3 threads at the bottom. Reliable measurements are possible with a flow rate of 40l/h or more, making it ideal for use with aquastream pumps.

The USB version of the high flow sensor features intregrated signal analyzation with integrated USB- and aquabus interface, a configurable alarm output as well as an external temperature input. For monitoring and configuration the software aquasuite is available for download. A 4-pin aquabus interface allows direct connection to an aquaero 5 (not included). The alarm output can either be configured as an artificial rpm signal for connection to a fan channel with speed monitoring (e.g. Mainboard fan channels) or as a switching channel for e.g. activating a LED in case of an alarm. For alarm monitoring besides the measured flow rate, an external temperature sensor input is available. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all temperature sensors offered by Aqua Computer.

Compatibility list aquabus interface:
aquaero 5 XT (Item No. 70213 and 70173)
aquaero 5 PRO (Item No. 70174)
aquaero 5 LT (Item No. 70175)

Compatibility list external temperature sensor input:
Temperature sensor inline G1/4" (Item No. 71162)
Temperature sensor inner-/outer thread G1/4" (Item No. 71160 and 71170)
Temperature sensor 50cm and 90cm (Item No. 71125 and 71005)

Technical specifications:
Dimensions without fittings and connection cable: Approx. 53 x 50 x 43mm
Connection thread G1/4", fittings not included!
Mounting threads: 4x M3, rectangular pattern 35 x 44mm

Extent of delivery:
One flow rate sensor
One internal USB connection cable
One aquabus / rpm signal cable (3-Pin)
Поделиться: lorem

Производитель: Aqua Computer

Aqua Computer

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