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СЖО ProModz Радиатор Black Ice GT Stealth 360mm

СЖО ProModz Радиатор Black Ice GT Stealth 360mm

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The Most advanced PC Radiator PERIOD!

The Black Ice® GT Stealth 360 is the first true next generation PC radiator designed for uncompromising performance and stealth silent operation. The GTS360 boasts of a radically redesigned Black Ice® core technology that maximizes heat transfer efficiency and maintains effectively the same compact profile of the Black Ice® Pro III.

How do you increase performance while maintaining a compact size and without using a powerful but noisy fan? Conventional designs merely attempt to change variables such as fin density to accommodate more quieter fans. We felt at this stage of maturity, conventional technology platforms do not push the envelope of performance but merely settle for compromises.

In response to this trend, HWLabs" approach was not one of compromise, but one of leading evolution.

Breaking Conventions: Watercooling for the PC industry has come a long way from its inceptions among computer enthusiasts in the late 90"s. Even with the arrival of similar radiator alternatives and low quality imitations in the market, the challenges faced by performance computing enthusiasts remain unaddressed.

New Technology: Our new custom MaxFin™ Splitter-fin Technology for the Black Ice® GT PC Radiator features a 67% higher fin density and 100% increase in surface area with 50% less air pressure drop. This amazing feat was achieved using ultra-thin state of the art 25 micron (0.025mm) copper fins, a 45% gauge reduction from the 45 micron industry standard, in a splitter fin configuration. Coupled with our custom MaxCore™ high-density and low-pressure drop radiator core, the Black Ice® GT PC Radiators are placed on top of the PC radiator evolutionary ladder. The first release Black Ice® GT series Radiators is the Black Ice® GT Stealth. The Black Ice® GTS is engineered specifically for high performance and stealth silent operation. The Black Ice® GT Stealth will come in GTS120 single, GTS240 dual and GTS360 triple 120mm fan configurations. The GTS radiators will be available in the standard 2-pass U-flow and single-pass XFlow® configurations, for low flow environments.


Two-pass U-flow tank configuration.
Custom MaxFin™ 25 micron Copper Splitter Fin Configuration utilizing 45% thinner fin material yielding up to 50% less pressure drop even with twice the fin density.
Unique fin configuration eliminates intra-louver accumulation of dust particles for trouble free operation.
Unprecedented Ultra-high 30 FPI (Fins Per Inch) fin density providing dramatically increased heat transfer surface area.
Custom low-profile 19.0 x 1.2mm MaxFlow™ tubes with 15% more waterside surface area and 60% frontal area reduction for superior low air-resistance aerodynamics and lower internal flow requirements.
Yields up to 20% more heat exchange capacity than the Black Ice® Pro III in both Stealth or Performance modes.
Achieves Black Ice® Xtreme III level performance in stealth mode (low-noise/low-airflow conditions).
M4 Threaded Screw Holes for easier mounting and greater adaptability.
Now standard G 1/4" female threaded fittings.
Full high-temper brass structural construction for weight reduction and superior corrosion resistance.
High performance compact radiator compatible as an upgrade to the Black Ice® Pro III and most 360mm form factor radiators.
Uses 100% Non-corrosive water-soluble fluxing process.
Lead-free construction for environmental protection and RoHS compliance.
Full electrostatic polyurethane painting finish for uniform coating with high temperature curing for increased finish durability.
Renowned Black Ice® quality.
Patent Pending Design.

Width 133 mm
Height 397 mm
Thickness 29.60 mm
Вес брутто(измерено в Coolera): 1250 Грамм.
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Производитель: ProModz


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