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Радиаторы на видеопамять Swiftech BGA Memory ramsinks for VGA MC14

Радиаторы на видеопамять Swiftech BGA Memory ramsinks for VGA MC14

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The MC14 now receives an upgraded sticky pad with considerably enhanced adhesion.

The MC14 is a BGA memory Ramsink made of forged copper and optimized for convection cooling. It was designed for cooling of memory components such as those found in graphic cards, but it works equally well with motherboard VRM modules , compositing chips, or any SMC in need of superior cooling.

It is a perfect companion to our VGA liquid cooling solutions thus allowing high-end graphic cards to operate in virtual silence.

Features highlights

The MC14 is made of forged copper. The density of the pins has been calculated to offer maximum surface area to increase heat dissipation, while allowing the heated air to circulate freely between the pins.

High quality thermal pads: the high quality Thermattach™ T411 thermal tape offers excellent thermal conductivity and adhesion to the memory modules.

Quick, safe and easy installation: simply peel-off the protective paper, and press the Ramsink onto the component to be cooled.

Ideal companion to the MCW55 GPU water-block.

Sold in convenenient pack of 8 pieces.


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Performance and specifications.
Forged C110 copper

14mm (L) x 14mm (W) x 14.5mm (H)
Weight: 0.3 oz (8.5 g)
C/W: 9.0 (including TIM joint)
Maximum recommended heat load: 5 Watts per heatsink
We conducted laboratory tests, comparing the MC14 to generic skived copper units such as shown below, and found a 6°C improvement in component temperature at a 5 Watts heat load.
Вес брутто(измерено в Coolera): 60 Грамм.
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Производитель: Swiftech


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