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Кулер ЦПУ Intel DBX-B (E97381 001) LGA1366 CPU HEATSINK & FAN

Кулер ЦПУ Intel DBX-B (E97381 001) LGA1366 CPU HEATSINK & FAN

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Intel Genuine DBX-B Socket LGA 1366 CPU Heatsink and Fan Cooler Assembly for Intel Core i7 Extreme Desktop Processors. Unlike previous thermal solutions from Intel, this new heatsink resembles numerous other heatpipe based solutions in the commercial market. Intel"s previous thermal solutions all featured similar circular designs and were controlled by the motherboard. This new heatsink allows for two settings, quiet and performance. These settings are controlled by a switch on the unit.

Tested to a 50x gravity shock force, equivalent to more than a 3 ft drop while integrated into a system
Idle CPU acoustics under 20 dBA at 800 RPM
Maximum acoustics under heavy load is below 35 dBA at 1800 RPM
Designed to exceed thermal requirements, enhancing overclocking performance, even while set to quiet mode operation
Performance mode provides maximum cooling for all out benchmarking and record setting attempts


Brand: Intel
Product: DBX-B Advanced Thermal Solution
Model Numbers: E75476-001 / E75476-002 / E75476-003
Compatibility: Socket LGA1366
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Производитель: Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation

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Состояние 138729968
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