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Вентилятор 120x120x25 XILENCE grey/red (корпус из сплава каучука и пластика) PWM 500~1.500 RPM COO-X

The new Xilence 2CF fans consist of a two-component material mix which together combines the advantages of flexible and solid materials. Fine vibrations of the rotor are effectively damped due to the special rubber compound existing frame. The rubber frame serves as a stable and vibration retardant base for the fan motor. A massive metal bearing shell forms the center of gravity and further contributes to the fact that imbalances can be avoided. The 7 to 13 volt operating motor accelerates the air flow optimized rotor blades. The vibration-free fan is mounted with special rubber decouplers - disturbing impact sounds are a thing of the past. Xilence granted a five year warranty to the new fan series.

120x120x25 mm, DC 12V, 4 Pin
Dimensions and weight
Product height 2,5 mm
Product width 12 mm
Product depth 12 mm
Certificates CE,FCC,RoHS
Connector Type 4 PIN
Rated current 0,13 A
Sound level 27,8 1
Fan control NO
EAN13: 4044953107931
Вес брутто(измерено в Coolera): 250 Грамм.
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Производитель: XILENCE


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Состояние 138729968
Email info@coolera.ru
Телефон +7 962-942-2013
sipnet.ru 0034736890

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