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Вентилятор 120x120x25 NoiseBlocker BionicLoopFan 1300rpm B12-2

The first high-tech compact fan worldwide with a bionic loop rotor (BionicLoopFan®) comes from Germany.

NB-eLoop fans stand out due to the new bionic loop form and are superior to common axial fans in almost all respects. For the first time it was possible to reduce the noises caused by the air stream in the fan dramatically. At the same time, the effectively usable performance was increased and the energy use was reduced.

The newly developed high-tech bearing and engine technology as well as the many features and further developments like dust protected engine and bearing, anti-dust-Macrolon rotor, position invariant magnetic bearing make this the probably most advanced fan in the world.

Extremly low-noise, increased performance while using less energy. Developed in Germany with support from the German Federal ministry of economics.

Обороты 1300rpm
Разъем 3 Pin
Стартовое напряжение 3.4 V
Номинальное напряжение 12.0 V
Шум 17 dBA
Поток 86.9 m3

100% developed in Germany
TUV-certified sound level specifications = real data
received the international if-Award 2013
extremely low-noise bionic loop rotor
bionic deep sound fan frame
position-invariant magnetic ball bearing NB-NanoSLI® 2NEW!
silent NB-EKA P2 Drive NEW!
Bayer® Makrolon® rotor with anti-dust technology
weighted reinforced fibreglass PBT frame
NB cable management with two pluggable connection cables
Perfect results for PC casing, CPU cooling systems and radiator( higher cooling power at same revolution ratel)
4 fine thread screws and knurled nuts for tool free assembly
4 NB silicone slics for vibration-free assembly
each 2x 20 and 50 cm connection cable with textile sheath
EAN13: 4250051906424
Артикул производителя: B12-2
Вес брутто(измерено в Coolera): 193 Грамм.
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Производитель: NoiseBlocker


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Состояние 138729968
Email info@coolera.ru
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