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СВО ProModz Радиатор Black Ice Pro3 360mm

СВО ProModz Радиатор Black Ice Pro3 360mm

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The ultimate radiator for the hardcore case hacker, now with triple the cooling capacity and performance. Based on the same high-performance Black Ice® Platform, the Black Ice® Pro III has all the features of the compact Black Ice® Prime but now sports twice the core area for three times the thermal capacity and is readily configured for triple 120mm fans.


2-pass Radiator specifically developed for PC watercooling based on the same high-performance Black Ice design.
Triple the performance: rated for 1732.5 KCal per hour (6875 BTU per hour) 360 mm (9.44 inch) Copper core consisting of flat tubes for maximum heat conductivity High-density louvered copper fin configuration for enhanced heat dissipation Built-in plenum chamber for increased performance and noise reduction Self-tapping and case mounting holes for easy installation of 3 120mm fans Now Danger Den High Flow barbed hose connectors. Optimal 397 x 133 x 25 mm (15.63 x 5.25 x 1 inch) dimensions allows it to fit inside most mid-tower cases.
Specifically designed for the professional case mod enthusiast.

Height: 397 mm (~15.6 inches)
Width: 133 mm (~ 5.25 inches
Thickness: 25 mm (~ 1 inch)
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Производитель: ProModz


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Состояние 138729968
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